June 16, 2019


New mushroom variety: Trial cropping of Big Clitocybe mushroom got succeeded

Sep 10, 2018

Recently, a kind of new mushroom variety, Big Clitocybe mushroom domesticated by staffs working in Agricultural Scientific Institute of Putian City, Fujian Province of China, achieves fruitful results on its trial cultivation.
As the mushroom variety which has been newly developed in recent years in China, Big Clitocybe mushroom holds tender flavor and abundant nutrition, the variety is as crisp as bamboo shoots and it tastes like pig tripe.
Big Clitocybe mushroom shows large volume, diameter of cap reaches to a range of 4-25cm, single weight attains 300-500g while the output in each square meter comes to over 40 kg.
Big Clitocybe mushroom cares for summer cultivation in high-temperature season, now, in China, its marker price is at 24 CNY per kg, products are always in short supply and show bright development prospect.