The Danish Morel project

May 23, 2022

Jacob and Karsten Kirk, twins from Copenhagen, say they have devised a method to reliably grow morel mushrooms in a climate-controlled environment.

The morel mushroom is known as one of the world’s most coveted edible mushrooms. During the last hundred years, it has only with limited success been possible to cultivate black morel mushrooms under controlled, indoor conditions. They are therefore very pleased to announce that they finally, after many years of intensive research at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University and the University of Copenhagen, have invented and developed a method for controlled indoor cultivation of black morel mushrooms all-year-round under well defined conditions in climate chambers. The twin brothers are able to produce 4.2 kilos of first-class morels per square metre within a total cultivation period of 22 weeks, corresponding to an annual production of 10 kilos of morels per square metre. The method is so well developed, that a commercial production can be started after an appropriate automation of the cultivation process.

In 1977, when they started studying biology at the University of Copenhagen, they became seriously interested in the biology of edible mushrooms and their possible cultivation. On the basis of various literature studies, they then carried out many experiments with the cultivation of white button mushrooms and oyster mushrooms in particular under private conditions. In the spring of 1978, their lifelong interest in the cultivation of the much more complicated and valuable morels suddenly aroused, as they learned tvery nteresting points.

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Source: The Danish Morel Project



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