Recipe: Hot and sour Mushroom soup

Aug 15, 2019


50g fresh Mushroom
50g Oyster Mushroom
50g tofu
A few Black Fungus
Pepper powder
Spiced vinegar

Cooking Steps: 

1. Wash Mushroom and cut in half, wash Oyster Mushroom and break into pieces.
2. Cut tofu into pieces, soak in water and add salt, soak Black Fungus and cut into shreds, cut carrot into shreds, cut caraway into segments, cut garlic into pieces and cut ginger into shreds.
3. Add oil into the pot, stir ginger slices and carrot together and then add Mushroom and Oyster Mushroom.
4. Add tofu and water into the pot and add one bowl of water.
5. Add Black Fungus slices and continue to stir.
6. Add other condiments according to your taste, lastly turn off the heat and add caraway segments. 
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