March 26, 2019


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Mudanjiang City reinforces the development of mushroom industry

Apr 26, 2018

In recent years, mushroom industry has been grasped as one of four pillar industries which promote farmers to generate revenues in Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province of China. Now, the city has become China’s largest production and marketing region of Black fungus.

Last year, gross capacity of mushroom cultivation attained 4.3 billion bags and per capita pure incomes came to 3500 CNY within the city.

“Black fungus and Monkey head mushroom are characteristic agricultural products in Northeast China. Over the years, along with the acceleration of structural adjustment on crop farming, output of Black fungus has been increased year by year in all regions within Heilongjiang Province,” introduces Supply and Marketing Cooperative of Mudanjiang City warmly, adding that in case that sales markets are restricted to Northeast China, OVERSUPPLY is easy to come by.

This year, in order to reverse the situation which emphasizes large quantity and low price, Mudanjiang City vigorously promotes Facility Agriculture, guides farmers and specialized cooperatives to realize greenhouse-mode and garden-mode mushroom production. To analyze on actual situation, market price of greenhouse-mode Black fungus could be lifted by 1- CNY compared with field-mode one. Besides, anti-season production could be achieved on Monkey head mushroom while products are superior in quality and high in price.

According to investigation from related department, in 2017, rate of mushroom processing only reached 8% in Mudanjiang City.

Compared with the retail price of 60 CNY per kg in northeast market, the present market price on superior Black fungus reaches 100 CNY per kg in Guangdong Province while export price to Korea is doubled to 120 CNY per kg.