Recipe: Monkey head mushroom and seafood soup

Sep 02, 2019


Monkey head mushrooms
shrimps, crabs
drumstick, salt
yellow rice wine
chicken powder
ginger slices
chopped onion
spiced vinegar

Cooking Steps: 

1. Wash Monkey head mushrooms and then cut into thin slices, chop crabs into chunks.
2. Heat the pot and add moderate oil, then drop in chopped onion, ginger slices and fry well, dump in half pot of water and finally bring into a boil.
3. Gather all ingredients in the pot, cover the pot and bring into a boil again.
4. Pour in moderate yellow rice wine, spiced vinegar, sprinkle with moderate salt and chicken powder.
5. Finally garnish with chopped onion. Serve and enjoy.
Last modified on Thursday, 24 October 2019 06:22
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