March 26, 2019


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General situation survey of mushroom industry in Henan Province, China

Apr 20, 2018
As China’s major province of mushroom production, Since 2003, gross mushroom output and output value have been ranking China’s first place in Henan Province. According to statistics, in 2016, gross mushroom output attained 5.102 million tons, gross output value came to 36 billion CNY within Henan Province.

To view on aspect of variety, in 2015, Shiitake mushroom was selected as the top variety and won 2.75 million tons of gross output. Then, Oyster mushroom sat in the second place and held 700,000 tons of gross output. Black fungus, Auricularia polytricha and Button mushroom respectively took up 500,000 tons, 390,000 tons and 350,000 tons of gross production while other  varieties seized 300,000 tons of output in Henan Province, China.

Now, there are over 200 enterprises engaging in processing of mushroom products in Henan Province, with the group of above 40 intelligent and industrialized mushroom enterprises, and 2 million growers, mushroom industry has become the crucial important component that boosts the modern agriculture of Henan Province.
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