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Thé National Mushroom Day 2018

Apr 18, 2018

On Thursday April 19 2018, the National Mushroom Day (DNP) is organized for the sixth time by Scelta Mushrooms, Delphy, LTO Mushrooms and Mushroom Valley. The theme is 'accelerating the mushroom world'.

The latest edition of DNP was organized at the mushroom farm Sikes in Ysselsteyn.

Location this time is The Scelta Institute of Scelta Mushrooms in Venlo. The focus of this company is on innovative product development in the area of ​​health, taste and sustainability, also a theme during the Mushroom Day. Other topical themes are: how do we bind our (future) employees to the mushroom industry through new forms of education and training? What are HighTech and ICT capabilities for our production process?

Various companies present their innovations, such as champost processing techniques. What binds all subjects is the idea: 'How can the Netherlands remain the leader in mushroom farming globally?'. Achieving this means collecting opportunities together. This is the credo of co-organizer Mushroom Valley, a platform of cooperative companies within the mushroom sector, which focuses on training, knowledge and promotion.

Rapid development is only possible with strong cultivation companies with knowledge. This knowledge is ample available during DNP. The issues are related to cultivation data and production performance, and the communication with and training of staff of mushroom farms and suppliers. Growers are motivated to continue, in cooperation with colleagues, suppliers or knowledge institutions, in knowledge development and practical innovation on their business. There is room for presenting innovations in the sector.

Niek de Ligt, trainer within Delphy Mushrooms: "In the coming years, the changes within the farms will accelerate. Hooking up is therefore a necessity for cultivation companies and its suppliers. That's why we started this year with the "Champignons, de toekomst" course. This course will help both employees in the primary sector as well as in the periphery for a promising future."

As you are used to DNP, there is also room for networking. Food is provided and there is a closing drink. For information, participation and registration, see

Source: Mushroom Business

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