March 26, 2019


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Mushroom growing can be a prosperous industry

Apr 09, 2018

At present, in mushroom house owned by Mr. Zhang, Button mushrooms are successively coming into season.

According to know, Mr. Zhang lives in Longtou Village, Jiexiu City, Shanxi Province of China, over the years, he insists on seizing stone material factory as the main industry. However, along with the transformation and upgrading of the industry, low-end and stale mode becomes the development bottleneck of Longtou Village.

In early 2016, Longtou Village started to guide farmers to embark on Button mushroom cultivation, and in order to promote standardized production better and arouse the enthusiasm of growers, village collective provided cultivation site for them and helped solve necessary infrastructures.

“Growth temperature for Button mushroom should be at 14-20 degrees Celsius. Compared with other regions, temperature of Longtou Village is more balanced and two seasons’ of fruiting could be realized per year, which precisely meets the requirements of winter mushroom markets,” introduces secretary of Longtou Village passionately.

By the end of 2017, 48 high-standard Button mushroom greenhouses were built within Longtou Village, 38 households were driven to launch into mushroom cultivation and gross output amounted to 1 million kg. In addition, above 700,000 CNY was raised on establishment of strain factory that occupies 400 square meters, and 9 strain-cultivation cabinets of Button mushroom. Next step, the village is going to build another 50 greenhouses, introduce drying and deep-processing technology, strives to build a green, organic, ecological and circular agriculture that integrates strain cultivation, production, R&D and processing into one.