EuroMycel launches new website

Nov 30, 2023

EuroMycel is excited to announce the launch of their brand new website! Browse through for detailed information on their history, philosophy, and Mycelium varieties. Discover their production process, product creation, and meet their team. Today you get a sneak peek into EuroMycel’s journey.

Story of EuroMycel
Established in 1868, Royal Champignon pioneered the Loire Valley's mushroom industry. After merging with Guilbaud Group, EuroMycel, once a Guilbaud Group subsidiary and now part of France Champignon, became a key historical spawn maker.

The group has grown since the 1950s through external expansion, allowing for innovation capacity in product development to distribution. EuroMycel has acquired impressive expertise and a unique strain collection, which has resulted in a distinctive "savoir-faire."

EuroMycel believes that genetics of Agaricus bisporus does not limit biotransformation. They use a unique physiological conditioning process on their commercial sub lines to maximize mushroom compost. Their approach is different from standard breeding strategies as their varieties are based on biochemical markers in the vegetative phase.

Mushroom Spawn
The company's unique strain maintenance relies on mycelium interaction with compost to provide reliable spawn products with consistent pinning performances. They have a deep knowledge of fungal physiology and use a specific step-by-step vegetative screening process combined with strict water control to optimize selectivity. They enhance the absorption capacity of the spawn through a sophisticated physical measurement process, critical for the bio-transformation in compost and crop growth. This process also enables strain differentiation.

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