March 26, 2019


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Heilongjiang Province of China: Black fungus industry leads the internationalized trend

Apr 28, 2018

This vigorous April indicates the busy spring farming time in Heilongjiang Province of China.

Now, in Sandao Mushroom Cooperative which situates in Shangzhi City, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province of China, Black fungi are showing desirable growth trend, after a few days, they are going to enter into the markets of France, Australia, America and Canada. By 2018, the estimated annual output capacity on Black fungus reaches 50 million bags.

As China’s main production region of Black fungus, Heilongjiang Province accounts for 50% of China’s gross Black fungus output. Within the province, Shangzhi City is the area that initially debuts artificial Black fungus cultivation.

With the advantageous conditions of large diurnal temperature variation, clear spring water and superior water quality, organic Black fungi produced in Shangzhi city are preferred by customers by virtues of thick texture and abundant nutrition.

Over the years, Shangzhi City keeps on introducing internationally-advanced technology and equipment on establishment of greenhouses which are controllable on aspect of temperature, humidity, illumination and ventilation. Besides, the city persists in touching in line with international markets on required variety, packaging and label of manufacturing enterprise. In 2014, Shangzhi City was approved as National Geographic Mark Certification of Black Fungus.