March 26, 2019


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Mushroom industry is in fast development speed in Huichuan Zone, Guizhou of China

Apr 17, 2018
In 2018, mushroom industry is being grasped as one of the crucial industries that boost poverty alleviation in Huichuan Zone, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province of China. By the end of the year, the estimated gross cultivation capacity attains 6 million sticks within the zone.

Established in 2009, Hongguang Guangming Mushroom Field absorbs 43 greenhouses, annually outputs 350,000 kg of Shiitake and wins sales value of 2 million CNY. Besides, the field provides over 30 seasonal posts for local masses, which exploits a prosperous road.

According to statistics, by now, there are 7 specialized mushroom cooperatives and a mushroom enterprise within Huichuan Zone. Last year, annual cultivation capacity on Shiitake came to 1.9 million sticks, annual output on fresh Shiitake attained 540 tons while output value amounted to 7.77 million CNY within the zone.

Mushroom cultivation highlights considerable economic benefit. Average mu output value reaches 30,000 CNY, which is 30 times higher than that of corn farming. Now, supported by local mushroom enterprises and cooperatives, Huichuan Zone proposes to broaden the scope of influence of its green mushroom brand and boost the rapid development of local mushroom industry.