Pitfalls preparing mushrooms

Sep 22, 2021

There are plenty of ways to prepare or use mushrooms in a delicious meal. But one of the tastiest ways is to brown the mushrooms. But how do you get them so nice and golden brown? With these 5 tips, what you should definitely not do, it will certainly work the next time!

Do not wash
You should never clean mushrooms with water. This is because they are porous and absorb moisture like a sponge. This will make them mushy and lose their flavor. So clean the mushrooms with a brush or with a piece of kitchen paper.

Not too much butter or oil
If you are going to fry mushrooms, let the pan get very hot. This way the least amount of water will run out of the mushrooms and they will not become dry. Also do not use too much butter or oil because they will absorb it completely and then you will not get nicely browned mushrooms.

Not too much in the pan
Do not fry all the mushrooms at once, but give the mushrooms enough space in the pan. This way the moisture released from the mushrooms has plenty of room to evaporate and you prevent the mushrooms from stewing instead of frying.

Do not add salt too quickly
Salt draws moisture from the mushrooms. So let them fry until golden brown before adding salt. It is also better to wait until the end with adding other spices such as pepper or parsley.

Do not stir
Resist the urge to stir your pan all the time. The mushrooms need enough time to caramelize. Because then do they get that golden brown edge? Only then is it time to start stirring so that the other side can brown nicely.

Good luck and enjoy your mushrooms!

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