Press release: CNC, Veme and Verbruggen

Mar 26, 2024

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CNC Holding BV, Veme Specials BV, Verbruggen Substraat BV and Verbruggen Paddestoelen BV join forces to boost international growth ambitions in the substrate market for exotic mushrooms.

On 25 March 2024 CNC Holding BV announced it acquired a majority interest in Veme Specials BV, Verbruggen Substraat BV and Verbruggen Paddestoelen BV. The companies are aiming for a strong partnership in order to further expand the growth ambitions in the field of raw materials for the cultivation of exotic mushrooms.

The acquisition of Veme Specials BV, Verbruggen Substraat BV and Verbruggen Paddestoelen BV marks an important milestone in the growth strategy of CNC and reflects its ambitions for excellence in substrate production and the further development of the exotic substrate and mushroom division. Combining the expertise of CNC, Veme Specials BV, Verbruggen Substraat BV and Verbruggen Paddestoelen BV will result in a strong synergy and will bring a broader range of high-quality products to our clients.

“This acquisition is perfectly in line with our strategy to expand our product range and strengthen our market position. We are pleased to welcome the talented and committed teams of Veme Specials BV, Verbruggen Substraat BV and Verbruggen Paddestoelen BV and look forward working together on innovative, high-quality substrate, mushroom and mycelium solutions for our clients,” says Eric van Asselt, CEO of the CNC Group.

Clients can continue to rely on the reliable, high-quality products of Veme and Verbruggen. Moreover, CNC underlines that clients from all three companies will benefit from the added value resulting from the combined knowledge and expertise of the three companies. The current activities of Veme Specials and Verbruggen will continue as usual and be developed further in the future. The familiar faces of John Verbruggen and Marco Mezenberg will also remain as they continue to manage their respective companies.

About CNC (Circular Natural Compost):
CNC Holding BV is an internationally operating group of companies active in the mushroom sector. The companies produce and/or transport high-quality, sustainable substrate for mushroom cultivation. Due to the increasing focus on healthy food, sustainability and the impact of mushrooms in the circular economy, CNC expects significant growth in the coming years. CNC already has a strong position in the European market and aims to increase both its market and its position in the coming years.

The CNC group comprises the following companies:

CNC Grondstoffen BV is one of Europe’s largest suppliers of sustainable compost for the cultivation of mushrooms. These substrates are prepared in the most advanced indoor composting plants in Milsbeek and Moerdijk and deliver internationally to over 45 countries. The group also has a production facility in Poland (Holpol).

CNC Exotic Mushrooms BV produces wood substrates for the cultivation of exotic mushrooms for the European market. In 2022 it took a new production facility in Heerewaarden with the latest machinery and technologies into use, significantly enhancing its production capacity and facilitating a fast growth for the company.

Transport company AMCO realises the collection of horse manure (as a raw material for compost production) from approximately 1200 stables and the delivery of the phase 3 compost to growers.

About Verbruggen Paddestoelen BV en Verbruggen Substraat BV:
Verbruggen Paddestoelen BV operates various production locations, and considers sustainability and circularity as spearheads in its operational management. The company is an absolute frontrunner in the sector in the field of organic cultivation, and has been growing organic oysters mushrooms and other varieties such as shiitake for over 30 years. The company is SKAL certified and uses a track-and-trace system and analysis protocol to ensure that the raw materials it uses have organic origins.
The unique aspect of its cultivation process is circularity – which may have become a trend in recent years, but has been a staple for Verbruggen for more than 30 years. Verbruggen Substraat BV is specialised in the production of phase 1 substrate. John Verbruggen is a pioneer in the field of cultivation and innovation and is considered an ambassador in the sector. John has contacts worldwide and is always promoting new projects in the company that will further optimise and increase the sustainability of production.

About Veme Specials BV:
Specialised company Veme Specials BV in Gemert was built on the passion for oyster mushrooms and other varieties. Its founders, John Verbruggen and Marco Mezenberg, both have decades of experience in the cultivation of organic oyster mushrooms and the production of substrate for their own companies.

This experience led to the establishment of Veme Specials BV in 2012, with the purpose of producing phase 2 substrate for their own companies and third parties. Veme Specials BV is focused on maximising the yield of its clients by supplying high-quality substrates. The group of companies in which Veme Specials BV operates includes all aspects of mushroom cultivation. As a result, there is a clear insight into all aspects of mushroom cultivation, from phase 1 to phase 5, and that quality and innovation processes are an integrated part of the company.

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