June 16, 2019


Growth Conditions on 10 Mushroom Varieties

Aug 23, 2018

SPORES: Mycelia form at 15-32 degrees Celsius, the optimal range is 22-24 degrees Celsius.
MYCELIA: Environmental Temperature is at 6-34 degrees Celsius and the optimal range is 22-26 degrees Celsius.
SPOROCARPS: Suitable Temperature is 20-24 degrees Celsius. In the case of inoculation, the suitable range of water content on cut-log and bark is respectively 42%-47% and 44%-50%, the preferred range on relative air humidity is 80%-95%.
SPORES: They germinate with the fastest speed at 22-28 degrees Celsius, spores refuse to appear at above 36 degrees Celsius.
MYCELIA: Mycelia grow at a temperature range of 4-36 degrees Celsius, the optimal range is 22-30 degrees Celsius. During the growth period of mycelia, water content of substrate and cut-log should be respectively adjusted at a range of 60%-70% and 70%-80%.
SPOROCARPS: Suitable temperature range is 15-32 degrees Celsius, the preferred temperature range is 20-28 degrees Celsius. And, the fit relative humidity is at 90%-95%, sporocarps refuse to form below 70%.
MYCELIA: Temperature range on growth is 12-33 degrees Celsius and the optimal range is 21-25 degrees Celsius.
SPOROCARPS: Temperature range on formation is 12-24 degrees Celsius and the optimal range is 15-22 degrees Celsius. In addition, 10-20 lux of scattered light is required. Water content on substrate should be adjusted at 60% and the preferred relative air humidity is at a range of 85%-95%.
MYCELIA: Suitable temperature range is 3-34 degrees Celsius and the optimal range is 24-25 degrees Celsius. After mycelia become fully-grown, 12-16 degrees Celsius is appropriate. Besides, suitable water content on composting materials is 60%-70%, anaerobic fermentation occurs and substrate is blackened, or becomes sticky or stinking when it reaches over 70%. while fruiting white knobs, maintain relative air humidity at 90% and avoid direct sunlight.
MYCELIA: The optimal temperature for the growth of mycelia is 25 degrees Celsius or so, sporocarps show thick and superior quality at a range of 13-18 degrees Celsius. Most noticeably, when temperature reaches above 40 degrees Celsius for 2-3 hours, mycelia undoubtedly die.
Substrate requires 60%-65% of water content. During the growth period of mycelia, it is best to control relative air humidity below 70%, and lift it to 90% during the formation phase of sporocarp.
SPOROCARPS: Sporocarps lead tardy formation speed when relative air humidity is below 80% while they show low or even rotten quality at above 95%.
MYCELIA: Suitable temperature range is 15-45 degrees Celsius and the optimal condition is 35 degrees Celsius. There is a sharp drop on growth speed when the humidity exceeds 40 degrees Celsius, and mycelia stop the growth below 10 degrees Celsius while they die below 5 degrees Celsius and at above 45 degrees Celsius.
Substrate requires 60%-70% of water content, during the growth period, suitable relative air humidity is 80% and it should be maintained at above 90% during the fruiting phase.
7. NAMEKO: For Low-temperature Type, growers could choose cultivation field in high-mountain and cold area, suitable temperature range during the fruiting phase is 5-10 degrees Celsius. In addition, be sure to adjust the water content of substrate at 65% and relative air humidity at a range of 60%-70%. After the inoculation, 70% of water content is preferred in substrate and 80%-95% of relative air humidity should be kept as well.
8. SHIITAKE: Diurnal temperature difference should be kept at above 10 degrees Celsius. The optimal temperature range during the growth phase is 25-27 degrees Celsius while 90% of relative air humidity is required during the fruiting period.
MYCELIA: The optimal temperature range during the growth phase is 24-28 degrees Celsius.
SPOROCARPS: 8-10 degrees Celsius is preferred, sporocarps fail to occur when the temperature is higher than 19 degrees Celsius. And, water content of substrate should be kept at 70%-80%, sporocarps lead unfavorable growth status below 60% or above 90%.
MYCELIA: In greenhouse, be sure to lay emphasis on light shelter, and maintain the inner temperature at a range of 8-17 degrees Celsius.
SPOROCARPS: Suitable temperature range during the growth period is 20-25 degrees Celsius and the optimal range is 10-15 degrees Celsius. In general, mycelia become fully-grown and sporocarps appear after 1-1.5 months.