Mushrooming’ the future of Mushrooms for Immunity: People and Planet

Aug 27, 2021

A lot of studies and reports are writing about the beneficial facts of mushrooms and we like to see the increasing attention on our beloved mushroom. A lot of innovations are seen where companies are using fungi to achieve a sustainable future, for example in the clothing, construction, furniture and health industry. The recent Pandemic has even accelerated the importance of healthy food and a future without plastic. This article writes about the future of mushrooms and the impact on immunity for people and the planet.

This report reveals the top 5 ways mushrooms will play a role in protecting our immunity in 2026:

  • Human and immunity: from the ancient use of mushrooms as medicines to immune-boosting everyday mushrooms converting light into vitamin D, an essential factor in our immune health.
  • Food for immunity: how we will be ingesting mushroom’s vital nutrients, from supplements and burgers to drinks. Low in calories, high in nutritional value and considered to be brain boosters.
  • Vitamin D: how vitamin D enhances our adaptive immunity and function, and a three-year study currently underway to explore the health benefits of Vitamin D in mushrooms.
  • Planetary partners: vertically farmed in forgotten urban spaces, to plastic munching, how mushrooms are leading the smart farming revolution, secretly saving the health of our planet.
  • Furniture to Martian mycelium: how mushrooms are being used to make furniture, coffins and to create habitats on lunar missions; mycelium - the compostable material that knows no bounds.

Please read the full article here.
Source: Weekly News

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