On Thursday, May 2nd, we at Mushroom Matter had the delightful opportunity to visit Mush Comb, a leading manufacturer of mushroom cultivation equipment. Our conversation with Quin Mommen from their Sales/Aftersales team was truly inspiring. Despite the global challenges the entire Mushroom Industry faces, Mush Comb is pushing forward with a spirit of innovation and an optimistic vision for the future. Their dedication to creating cutting-edge, customer-focused solutions really sets them apart in the mushroom machinery world.

Pioneering projects and developments
“Mush Comb’s journey of innovation is filled with exciting milestones”, Quin explains. We’re also making strides with a waste processor for animal feed and continually improving our casing soil separator, a tool that has been efficiently separating compost from casing soil since 2012.

Customer-centric customization
What makes Mush Comb truly special is their commitment to customization. While 80% of their machinery is crafted in-house, they tailor the remaining 20% to meet specific customer needs, ensuring everything fits perfectly into their clients’ operations. Because every nursery is different, it's actually all custom made such as the advice, way of project handling and engineering. This personalized approach not only boosts productivity but also leads to significant cost savings.

Commitment to quality and service
Mush Comb prides itself on balancing price and quality, working closely with customers to meet their unique requirements. “By using standardized, locally sourced parts, we ensure that any operational issues can be quickly resolved. This deep understanding of the challenges faced by mushroom companies worldwide underscores our dedication to reliable service”, says Quin.

Supporting start-ups and established businesses alike
Mush Comb is passionate about supporting both new ventures and established businesses. They often get involved at the very beginning of start-ups, providing crucial support during those early stages. For more seasoned clients, Mush Comb offers continuous improvements and innovative solutions, making sure everyone benefits from the latest advancements in mushroom cultivation technology.

Global reach and local expertise
Despite a decline in Dutch mushroom sector exports, Mush Comb remains a key player both domestically and internationally. Their vast knowledge and strong presence in the Netherlands and beyond highlight their leadership in the industry. Additionally, Mush Comb champions sustainability by reselling second-hand nurseries and overhauling machinery, reducing waste and extending equipment lifespans.

Embracing sustainability and innovation
Quin explains that sustainability is at the heart of Mush Comb’s operations. “We use high-quality European components to ensure our machines last, and we’re committed to eco-friendly practices like installing solar panels and promoting bio-circular initiatives. Our focus on sustainability is also evident in our support for Mycelium cultivation, having developed a specialized container for this emerging market.”

Responding to customer needs with innovative solutions
Innovation at Mush Comb is all about responding to what customers need. Their ability to create bespoke solutions, like the casing soil separator and a specially designed picking lorry developed with a grower, shows their responsiveness and creativity. This dedication to customer-driven innovation keeps Mush Comb at the cutting edge of agricultural technology.

Looking ahead
Even with the uncertainties of today’s global landscape, Mush Comb is confidently investing in the future. With a strong foundation in innovation, customization, and sustainability, they are well-positioned to continue leading the mushroom cultivation equipment sector, ready to meet the evolving needs of customers worldwide.

We at Mushroom Matter were thoroughly impressed by Mush Comb’s innovative advancements and unwavering commitment to their customers. Their continuous drive to improve products and services, alongside a strong focus on customer satisfaction and sustainability, truly sets Mush Comb apart as a leader in the industry.

We thank Quin for our inspiring afternoon visit at Mush Comb!

Mushroom growers are known as the “ultimate recyclers” in the agriculture industry, using byproducts and waste from other sectors to make compost. Through the recycling of agricultural crops and byproducts, mushroom farms have a smaller environmental footprint than almost any other agricultural operation.

At Mush Comb, we are committed to a sustainable world. We contribute by manufacturing customized machinery. We understand that each mushroom business is unique, with its own set of needs and challenges. That's why we offer more than just standardized machinery. We have delivered machines to over 50 countries and have satisfied customers worldwide.

Our team works closely with you to design and develop machinery that seamlessly integrates into your operations, optimizing efficiency and productivity. Whether you're a small producer or a commercial operation, our customized solutions are tailored to meet your specific requirements. We provide full project consultancy, installation, maintenance, and support for our machines.

Visit our website or contact us at +31 (0)77 398 3929 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about our services.

Last month Mush Comb visited the dealer in America to review the strategies for the coming years.

Mushroom supply & services (MSS Inc) has a long history in North America. David Iaconi Sr has been a grower for many years and later opened his business in providing unique, quality growing products and equipment to the mushroom farmer.

Starting with only 1 product, MSS Inc. has grown and expanded into offering a multitude of mushroom supplies, equipment, and consulting services. Mushroom Supply & Services is dedicated to problem-solving. Their commitment is to work with the growers and match their products with operational needs.
You will always get friendly service from David Sr, David Jr, and Liza. A great team that you can rely on.

A Picking Lorry that is not produced for a grower, but with a grower?
That is correct! This Picking Lorry is developed together with a Dutch grower who had one simple wish:
"Make me a Picking Lorry which is worker friendly too."

The pickers stand as close as possible to the shelving and can reach all heights through automatic
The Compact+ Picking Lorry is designed so that it fits through all working doors, which means no dismantling of the platform or tipping of the frame.

Recently we delivered 60 pieces Compact+ picking lorries to Geurts Champignons in Millheeze, 20 pieces to Agarica in Hoogeveen and 8 pieces to AK Champignons in Hoenzadriel. All those orders are the second batch they ordered because of the good results from the first batch.
The big benefit of those Compact+ picking lorries are that the picker can handle this lorry by herself completely. No help needed from a second person to transfer the lorry to another room. Further they are almost maintenance free and the battery will last for more than two weeks.

Do you want to know more about the picking lorries? See here!

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Mush Comb is growing and ready for the future

2020 has been a very turbulent year in the market and the mushroom industry. After a challenging first half of 2020, Mush Comb was able to catch up considerably in the second half of the year. Like any other company, there was an ambitious plan to grow, but Corona threw a spanner in the works. The market stalled and everyone switched to survival mode. Fortunately, the tide turned in July, orders came in again and Mush Comb was able to further shape its strategy. The company chose to invest instead of pulling the handbrake.

In November last year, 500 extra square meters of warehouse space, including storage racks, was added to the existing production floor. This made it possible to organize the production area much more efficiently. In October, 5S was introduced and each department has been given its own resources to ensure order and tidiness within production.
Besides expansion in resources and space, considerable investments have also been made on the personnel side. Mush Comb has hired several employees to realize the growth it envisizes in 2021.

In December 2020, the go-ahead was given to build an upper floor on the existing ground floor, so that the office space will also grow in surface area by 100%. The new building will be ready in May 2021, freeing up office space to relocate the engineering department and the canteen.
Despite the current challenging times, Mush Comb dares to invest and looks positively towards the future!

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