Mush Comb's Compact+ picking lorry

Aug 31, 2022

A Picking Lorry that is not produced for a grower, but with a grower?
That is correct! This Picking Lorry is developed together with a Dutch grower who had one simple wish:
"Make me a Picking Lorry which is worker friendly too."

The pickers stand as close as possible to the shelving and can reach all heights through automatic
The Compact+ Picking Lorry is designed so that it fits through all working doors, which means no dismantling of the platform or tipping of the frame.

Recently we delivered 60 pieces Compact+ picking lorries to Geurts Champignons in Millheeze, 20 pieces to Agarica in Hoogeveen and 8 pieces to AK Champignons in Hoenzadriel. All those orders are the second batch they ordered because of the good results from the first batch.
The big benefit of those Compact+ picking lorries are that the picker can handle this lorry by herself completely. No help needed from a second person to transfer the lorry to another room. Further they are almost maintenance free and the battery will last for more than two weeks.

Do you want to know more about the picking lorries? See here!

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