June 16, 2019


Farmers turn Oyster mushroom growing into a cash cow

Mar 11, 2019

Recently, in mushroom base located in Chaoyang Village, Shuangpai County, Hunan Province of China, Oyster mushrooms are in picking time.
“By now, the first batch of Oyster mushroom (2500 kg) has been sold out by the market price of 8-10 CNY per kg,” introduces one of villagers excitedly. “Under the support of local government, 19 rural households were driven to embark on mushroom growing, during the cold time, daily fruiting volume reaches 250-400 kg while it reaches 1000-1500 kg after temperature rises.”
By the end of 2019, 320,000 nutrient bags are expected to be developed in Chaoyang Village while the estimated per capita incomes hit above 10,000 CNY through mushroom industry.