June 16, 2019


Morel mushroom growing becomes the GOLDEN industy that promotes a rich life

Sep 04, 2018

On September 4, Morel mushrooms cultivated in Chongqing Puzhuo Agricultural Development Co., LTD are showing good growth tendency while staffs are orderly engaged with the picking and drying work. “With the investment of over 4 million CNY, our company is building a processing factory that occupies 1200 square meters and the estimated completion time is in late October,” introduces Mr. Zeng Fanping, general manager of Puzhuo Company warmly.

Founded in November, 2015, Chongqing Puzhuo Agricultural Development Co., LTD is a modernized agriculture enterprise which sets R&D, cultivation, processing and marketing of Morel mushroom into one. Over the years, Morel mushroom industy has been leading quick development speed in Chongqing City of China, however, unsound drying equipment restricts the further expansion of local Morel mushoom industry.

Now, Puzhuo Company absorbs strain factory of Morel mushroom that occupies 6000 square meters, Morel base that takes up over 1000 mu, of which steel-frame greenhouses cover over 500 mu of area. With the mu fresh output of 150 kg and market price of 200 CNY per kg, sales incomes in each mu attain over 30,000 CNY. Morel mushroom products developed by the company are not only sold well in Guangdong, Fujian, Sichuan Province of China, but also enjoy favorable markets in Europe and other oversea nations.