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TenCate Nicolon, your one Stop Shop

May 16, 2018

TenCate is your one stop shop for your nets. Both for the compost producers and the mushroom growers we have the complete product range. TenCate also supplies additional products to the industry, like Toptex straw and compost
covers, pulling nets for use in containers and/or trucks, manure belts, separation nets, protection liners to prevent leakage from tunnels/bunkers and liners for water/manure storage.

The Toptex fabric is a high grade membrane to protect straw, sugar beet and potato harvests from frost and rain, thereby reducing the amount of clinging clay on beets or potatoes and efficiently leading to less cleaning water needed in the process. On top of this, dried harvests offer a higher yield for the farmer and better quality for the consumer.

Toptex straw cover fabric effortlessly helps to ensure an optimum harvest quality at any given time of the year.

Toptex fabrics protect straw bales reliably against any impact caused by wind and rain, while providing effective respiration for the harvested good. Thus leading to a constantly high quality of the seasonal straw, which is preserved effortlessly throughout the whole winter period, drying off after any heavy rainfall while effectively avoiding mold development on the harvest.

Toptex straw cover fabric is produced from green, continuous polypropylene filament at 130 g/m2 (3.8 oz/yd2) and available in the following sizes:

  • 9.8 x 12.5m (10.7 x 13.7 yd)
  • 12 x 25m (13.1 x 27.3 yd)
  • 9.8 x 25m (10.7 x 27.3 yd)

Straw and Hay covers

Toptex fabrics protect straw, hay & cereals from varying weather conditions that could possibly affect the quality of the harvest. By protecting your valuable harvest, a secure Toptex coverage prevents a significant loss of volume of the harvested goods due to rain leaking into it and consequently decreasing the production outcome and thereby the farmers yield on the harvest. It also prevents the loss of quality that would otherwise not only affect profit but also considerably lower the products image and the costumers satisfaction.

A secure coverage using Toptex ensures thereby the continuously high quality of the straw & hay bales and keeps costumers happy and returning in the consecutive years.

Main benefits of Toptex straw & hay covers

Toptex ensures the effective protection of any kind of straw or hay bales (round & square) for a prolonged period of time.

The outstanding benefit of Toptex straw covers are their high water shedding ability which effectively maintains the straw bales properties at a high quality level when storing straw bales outdoors for prolonged periods of time. Additionally, Toptex straw covers are highly resistant to wind lifting.

Toptex straw covers have also high values when it comes to proven tensile strength and tear resistance, (including but not limited to strong wind). This combined with quick drying properties even after heavy rainfalls make Toptex straw covers a highly valuable application for outdoor storage.

The UV Stability of Toptex straw covers is guaranteed for at least 3 years life-span, but can be prolonged when stored indoors during the period of non-utilization.


toptex fabric setup

Installation of the Toptex fabric should always be at least around 45° degrees and very tightly adjusted to avoid loose “wavy” appearance leading to minor protection or leakage.

Please also see TenCate Toptex video below.

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