March 26, 2019


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Business start-up: Growing rare Morel mushroom to go prosperous

Apr 10, 2018

Now, in Morel base managed by Shanxi Yangling Hengshen Agriculture Cooperative, Morels reveal satisfactory growth trend, which indicates the bumper harvest.

Morel mushrooms are edible while they hold high requirement on cultivation environment and require tough cultivation difficulty. In China, artificial Morel cultivation keeps on leading tardy development trend.

On September of 2017, Shanxi Yangling Hengshen Agriculture Cooperative which sets scientific research, strain cultivation and supply into one was set up. Now, it absorbs 3 greenhouses. Generally, fixed cost on each mu of land reaches 7000 CNY or so, mu output attains 100-200 kg while mu conservative earnings hit 20,000 CNY or so, which shows considerable profits.

Next step, the cooperative proposes to provide source and technology of superior strain, offer guidance and create more significant revenues for growers.