March 26, 2019


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New Variety: Trial cultivation of Bear’s paw mushroom flourishes

Apr 08, 2018

Over the days, Bear’s paw mushrooms exploited in Quanzijie Town, Jimsar County of Sinkiang keep holding desirable fruiting tendency. According to the weighting, the largest one weights 6.7kg and mu revenues attain 100,000 CNY.

“It took me 4 years from R&D to successful trial cultivation of Bear’s paw mushroom,” said Mr. Wang, one of mushroom mavens in Quanzijie Town warmly, adding that Bear’s paw mushrooms win considerable output, theoretical mu yield reaches above 10 tons while the present mu output comes to over 8 tons.

In Quanzijie Town, Bear’s paw mushrooms appeared on market on December, 2017 and gained favorable feedback. Along with the increasing demand, Jimsar County sets Bear’s paw mushroom cultivation as the sunrise industry and puts its deep-processing industry on the agenda. Now, a series of ready-to-eat Bear’s paw mushroom snacks, powders, dried and canned Bear’s paw mushroom products are in planned exploration, which reveals a prosperous tomorrow.