March 26, 2019


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WoodFungi Conference 2018

May 01, 2018

Now it’s your time. For decades, our mission has been to work hard to improve the cultivation quality of wood- loving fungi. Now it’s your time!

You want to exchange ideas and compare practical solutions to common problems, find answers to long lingering questions, share some wisdom and enjoy recognition.

We are realizing this dream: our anniversary year 2018 is the perfect occasion to organize WoodFungi, the first international conference dedicated to the cultivation of lignicolous fungi. We are hosting a diverse group of speakers presenting pragmatic advice, we offer networking opportunities and a fantastic setting. You bring your insight, your observations and your know-how.

Come and meet fellow growers and mycelium professionals and expand your practical knowledge on Wood Fungi. To the new generation of university students: you are encouraged to participate – you are the future voice of our exciting and ever expanding industry!

The partners’ program includes a visit to Ghent with it’s incredibly rich history and Bruges, home to no less than three world heritage sites.

“Wood Fungi like the Shiitake and King Oyster are undervalued in Europe and the US. I see it as part of my mission to put them in the spotlight.”

- Magda Verfaillie, Mycelia -

For more information about the programm and sponsorships please read here.

For more information on this conference please visit this website.

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