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May 19, 2024

The Growtime company has been steadily increasing exports and securing the confidence of major agricultural enterprises worldwide.

How GROWTIME and Osatina Grupa came together: a leap of faith that paid off

GROWTIME has again signed a contract with Osatina Grupa, a leading agricultural company in Croatia, for the supply of Newton mushroom picking lorries. Osatina Grupa, headquartered in the beautiful Đakovština area, is renowned for its comprehensive agricultural operations, including fruit and vegetable farming, dairy and meat production, animal feed production, and the generation of bioenergy. Their diversified and synergistic business model, which has been perfected over more than 25 years, emphasizes sustainability and modern technology.

The story of our collaboration with Osatina Grupa is one of risk, trust, and long-term success. As a large and innovative corporation, Osatina Grupa was a highly sought after business partner. They had numerous offers, many of which were less costly than what GROWTIME could provide. Negotiations during the COVID-19 pandemic added to the challenge, as physical presentations of our products were limited and travel was impossible due to the restrictions imposed.

Despite these hurdles, our high-quality and efficient products and the promise of lower overhead in the long run convinced Osatina Grupa to choose GROWTIME. They decided to take a risk on our more expensive Newton mushroom picking trolleys, driven by the argument that these high-quality devices would be more cost-effective over time.

A decision proven right
The initial cost of our trolleys appeared higher, but the investment was projected to pay off through superior performance and reliability. Osatina Grupa’s faith in our products was validated when they returned to GROWTIME for more of the same Newton picking trolleys a few years later, proving the wisdom of their original decision. This repeat business speaks volumes about the quality of our offering.

For GROWTIME, a client returning for the same product is the highest form of endorsement. It underscores that the initial investment, despite the higher initial price, was justified by the long-term benefits. The repeated orders from Osatina Grupa confirm the value and effectiveness of our solutions, showcasing our dedication to developing products that align perfectly with customer demands.

Cutting-edge Newton as well Pascal trolleys drive GROWTIME’s global success
A key driver behind this international success is GROWTIME's innovative products such as Newton & Pascal mushroom picking trolley. Known for their exceptional quality and cost-effectiveness, the Newton and Pascal trolleys has quickly become a favorite among large-scale mushroom producers. It was Osatina Grupa’s top choice then, and it’s their top choice now.

The trolleys feature from Growtime a robust design and user-friendly functionality, including electric drives and winches that automate the movement of the platform. This not only improves the ergonomics of the work but also increases the yield by allowing more precise and efficient picking. Additionally, the trolleys are equipped with advanced safety features and easy-to-use controls, ensuring both high performance and worker safety.

Moreover, Newton as well Pascal lorries ensure a quick return on investment due to their aforementioned low maintenance costs and high effectiveness. This combination of reliability and efficiency has made them a preferred option for agricultural enterprises looking to optimize operations and reduce overhead. For more information about the Newton mushroom picking trolleys and to explore GROWTIME's full range of products, visit this link.

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