Mushroom picking lorries are getting even better

Oct 17, 2023

GROWTIME, an expert in the area of increasing the productivity of mushroom farms, is developing its flagship products: the PASCAL and NEWTON mushroom picking lorries are getting even better.
For people who have not yet had contact with GROWTIME’s mushroom picking lorries, it's worth mentioning that they are high-end devices that increase the profitability of mushroom farms by automating, facilitating and accelerating mushroom picking.

New product features include:
● Green energy – an innovative system for recovering electricity by charging batteries while braking the drives (thus creating the so-called green energy).
● Controller temperature monitoring system – a solution that controls the temperature of electronic components controlling the device, which guarantees their protection from potential damage.
● Incident communication system – a system informing (through the remote control and the control box) about the arising situation related to, for example, overload of a given drive or low battery charge, etc.

If you have not yet explored the possibilities of GROWTIME’s mushroom picking lorries, we encourage you to visit their product pages:
● PASCAL mushroom picking lorry –
● NEWTON mushroom picking lorry –

Find out how such solutions can increase the profitability of your mushroom farm as well!

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