Meet GROWTIME's new protective clothing for mushroom pickers

Jul 17, 2023

Exciting news! GROWTIME is launching a new range of protective clothing and aprons specifically designed for mushroom pickers. These innovative products promise enhanced safety, comfort, and productivity on your farm.

Excellence in every stitch: clothing for modern farms

Discover our premium protective clothing, including women’s mushroom picking T-shirt, crafted with a soft yet resilient blend of cotton, elastane, and viscose. It's available in a range of colours and sizes to match your farm's branding and cater to various climate needs.

That’s not all! Don't miss our meticulously designed women's mushroom picking pants. Their perfect blend of cotton and polyester ensures comfort for long hours of work, while the sewn-in elastic waistband provides freedom of movement.

Reusable & breathable: GROWTIME’s new picking aprons

We've also launched exceptional mushroom picking aprons. Crafted from polyester, the women's apron offers superior protection against dirt and grime. Our unisex apron, perfect for all personnel, boasts high reliability and breathability. Both versions can bewashed and reused, ensuring significant cost savings.

Choose GROWTIME, leaders in mushroom farm solutions, for superior durability, functionality, and innovation in every product. For more information about our new line of clothing, check out our blog post that introduces them in detail!

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