March 26, 2019


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The First National Shiitake Industry Innovation Development Meeting grabs your attention

Jun 05, 2018

In order to push the innovative development, communication and cooperation of China’s Shiitake industry, The First National Shiitake Industry Innovation Development Meeting sponsored by China Edible Mushroom Business Net and China Township Enterprises Association will be held on 6-8th, June in Dandong City, Liaoning Province of China.

China holds over 800 years of history on Shitake cultivation. Now, region of cultivation has spread to the majority of provinces, cities and autonomous areas in China. In 2016, China’s gross output on Shiitake mushroom came to 9 million tons or so, which accounted for 25% of gross mushroom output.

Over the years, Shiitake mushroom has been grasped as one of the leading varieties that boost precise poverty alleviation, and it keeps on playing a positive and promoting effect on growth of agricultural efficiency, growth of farmers’ income and rural revitalization. Meanwhile, a series of problems on strained supply of raw materials, low intensive level, poor market circulation exist in strain selection, technical innovation, production management and market construction of China’s Shiitake industry. Consequently, we need more communication and study so as to positively figure solutions out, break development bottleneck and realize innovative and sustainable development.

This time of meeting seizes "Promoting the Innovation, Transforming the Function and Stimulating the Development" as the theme, embraces on many hot issues such as production and processing technology of China’s Shiitake mushroom, building of product brand and construction of circulation channel. Besides, a visiting to a Shiitake base is also in planned arrangement during the course.

Hailed as “The Largest and The Most Beautiful Border City in China,” Dandong City situates in southeast of Liaoning Province, it is the key intersection between Northeast Asia Economic Circle and Economic Circle of Bohai and Yellow Sea. In recent years, Dandong City insists on vigorously developing anti-season mushroom production by virtues of local natural environment and geographic traffic. As scale of local mushroom industry goes from strength to strength, mushroom production has become the leading industry which promotes local masses to generate incomes and increase foreign exchange through exports, and it breeds big market potential.