Button mushrooms farmed in this village could be eaten raw

Jun 03, 2020

On June 3, Button mushrooms cultivated in Qianshilayuan Village, Linxi City, Shandong Province of China are in picking phase.

“Button mushrooms are a little bit crisp when eaten raw,” introduces Mr. Liu Qingyong, person in charge of mushroom project in Linxi City, going on that they use black earth from Northeast China and Canadian soil which is rich in humus, and it helps effectively lock moisture, maintain good water permeability and ensure Button mushrooms a sterile soil environment.
In Qianshilayuan Village, Button mushroom industry greatly boosts poverty alleviation. A few years ago, in order to lead local population to get rid of poverty and grow rich, Mr. Liu determined mushroom cultivation as the good solution after repeated study and investigation. Then, he consolidated over 5.2 million CNY of fund on establishment of 13 industrialized Button mushroom greenhouses. By doing so, 13 poor villages are able to get 30,000 CNY of guaranteed bonus each year. In addition, by now, 20-30 farmers have been driven to get stable jobs near their homes and generate an annual incomes of 20,000-30,000 CNY.

CEMBN Button mushrooms farmed in village eaten raw 2

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