In a shed, farmers grow this rare mushroom and gain 5000 CNY of profits!

May 27, 2020

In recent days, farmers working in Hebei Longtai Mushroom Base owned by Hebei Longtai Agricultural Technology Co., LTD are engaged with picking, packing and marketing of Morel mushroom.

CEMBN In shed farmers grow rare mushroom gain 5000 CNY profits 2

“At present, fresh Morel mushrooms could be sold at 130-160 CNY per kg. And, price of dried Morel mushroom could hit 2000 CNY per kg. In each shed, picking volume reaches 200 kg while profits come to at least 5000 CNY,” introduces Mr. Zhao Wanhui, general manager of Longtai Company, adding that the purpose of growing this kind of rare mushroom is to let the land produce more benefits. As a kind of high-end fungus food, Morel mushroom holds high economic benefits, bright market prospect, and it is worthy to be developed.

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